brown classic tabby/white neuter male

20.12.2004 - 22.01.2012

Urpo died at home and the reason was: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and Congestive Heart Failure - Evira 24.1.2012

Sire: EC Witchbreeds Black Pirate

Dam: EC Escape's Spirit on My Mind, DM

FeLV / FIV negative,  bloodtype A  / 27.03.2006

Microsporum canis negative 02/2007

HCM dna (MYBPC3) negative N/N  03.04.2007

~ 1 x Best In Show ~

~ 6 x Nominated for BIS ~

~ 8 x Best In Variety ~

~ 1 x Best Breeding male ~

~ The 3. Best Maine Coon Stud Male 2009 in Finland ~




Urpo is the father again and that litter will be the last one of him.

Kittens born 02.10.2007 (4 girls an 2 boys) in Escape's Cattery.
 The mother is
DK*Witopitloc Leria Kersil

Photo:Jaana Hiltunen

International Premior Frank Zappa

1 x  Nominated for BIS
1 x  Best in variety

Owner: Katri Kotila-Taskila

 Freddy Mercury

Owners: Pauliina Lehtola & Daniel Jensen

Photo:Jaana Hiltunen Photo:Marika Pohjola

Flogging Molly

Owner:  Aldaker* PL Cattery in Poland


Flowing Tears (Flo)

- Homepage of Flo -

Owners: Marika Pohjola & Jari Viemerö


Grand International Premior Fall from Grace

2 x  Nominated for BIS

Owner: Laura Kopu

~ In Memoriam 16.12.2008 ~




Urpo is also father of the kittens in Escape's Cattery.  

Kittens born 06.03.2007 (4 girls an 2 boys)  and
 the mother is
WW'02 GIC Escape's Izabella Coonzales. DM

Entombed - 9 months

Owner: Sanna Raatikainen

Tica International Champion & Fife International Champion Elliot

RU* Sunday's Child Maine-Coon in Russia



1 x Best In Show
4 x  Nominated for BIS
6 x  Best in variety


Eden Maine

Aldaker* PL Cattery in Poland

PR/SC Empyria DVM

Owner: Taina Halonen


7 x  Nominated for BIS
12 x  Best in variety


Photo:Jaana Hiltunen .
International Champion E-Sensual - 4 months

SL* Golden Mainecoon Cattery in Slovenia

HD-tested: OFA good

SC Eternity - 3 years

BR* Cardigans Maine Coons in Brazil

1 x  Best In Show
2 x  Nominated for BIS

7 x  Nominated for BIS
2 x  Best in variety


Urpo is the father of the first kittens in Rosefizz-cattery.
Kittens born 11.01.2007 and the mother is CH Iidaroosan Fizz In Rose

Kittens almost 12 weeks old / Photo:Maija Kauppila




Roi Du Soleil

- Homepage of Soleil -

12 x  Nominated for BIS
3 x  Best in variety

Rosette Rouge














- Homepage of Valtsu -


Roi Du Ballet

1 x Nominated for BIS
5 x Best in variety




- Homepage of Ramses -


3 x Best In Show
11 x Nominated for BIS
5 x Best in variety

Champion Ravenna

1 x  Nominated for BIS
2 x Best in variety

Fin*Rosefizz Ramses & Roi Du Ballet

Kittens are 7 weeks old in the photos - Photos by Maija Kauppila


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